Wedding cakes always seem to get a bad 'rap'! Every time I asked a friend or relative "how was the wedding cake?" after having attending a recent wedding, the reply was typically the same.... "Oh it was OK, typical wedding cake; white, dry and not much taste.", or "I really don't remember the cake!", or "I don't eat wedding cake, it always tastes so bad!" So when we decided to do wedding cakes as a business, I thought, "not only should a cake be beautiful to look at, but it should also taste really good. After all it is the last thing the guests see and eat. So it should be memorable both aesthetically and in taste."

My mother taught me how to bake and a lot of our recipes were my mother's and some are even from my grandmother. So I feel the recipes we use are tried and true. We always use the freshest ingredients and treat baking as not only a science but as an art. We both have a great respect for the baking process and we incorporate all of what we know and have learned over the years into our creations.